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How It Works

How does YouShip work?
YouShip is an on-demand delivery platform that connects any businesses with local couriers. We help local businesses and enterprises with their delivery logistics.
Who can use YouShip?
Anyone can use YouShip, however, our main clients are local businesses and enterprises.
Where YouShip operates?
For now, we are operating in Portugal in the main cities. If you are interested in our business maybe we can partner with you in your country.
What can YouShip deliver?
YouShip can deliver from small packages like an envelope to bulky boxes like a sofa. We cannot transport animals, illegal or Dangerous items and very expensive items.

Be Courier

How does delivering with YouShip work?
When customers send or place an order, YouShip notifies the couriers about new orders to be accepted. You earn money by picking up and delivering them.
What equipments do I need to deliver with YouShip?
Your own vehicle (motorbike, bicycle, scooter, car or van) with the necessary safety equipment, and a smartphone (iOS 11 and above) or Android (6.0 and above).
How do I get paid?
Couriers get paid for each delivery they make. The exact delivery fee varies per distance and package type. You will be told of the delivery fee payable before you accept the order.
How long does it take to deliver with YouShip?
It’s as quick as this: register in the YouShip app, upload the documents and in a few days YouShip will contact you!


How do I know I have new orders?
Stores and restarurants receive a notification when a customer has placed an order.
How does partnering with YouShip work?
Once an order is ready for delivery, a courier will arrive at your location to pick up the package and deliver it to the customer. After pickup, customeres can track the order in real time.
Our couriers or your own drivers?
You can choose to use YouShip's network or your own delivery drivers.
I have my own online ordering platform. Can I still partner with YouShip?
Yes, you can accept orders through your own systems, then you can forward the order to our delivery platform.

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