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Making delivery more accessible and sustainable.
Benefit Illustration
Any delivery will be delivered to our doorstep by an autonomous system.
Benefit Illustration
Advanced Technology
Our delivery robots use AI, machine vision algorithms, and GNSS data, enabling autonomous driving both indoors and outdoors.

R&D Activities

YouShip is certified by ANI, Agência Nacional de Inovação (National Innovation Agency), with the ID Seal that recognizes suitability to conduct R&D activities allowing:

  •   differentiating the company among its competition;
  •   establishing new partnerships in R&D projects;
  •   accessing funding from R&D support funds.

How it started

YouShip is a technology company that started as an instant delivery platform in 2018, delivering in 2 hours in 10 cities in Portugal.

However, the team realized that the approach did not fit well with the company mission: making delivery more accessible and sustainable.

So, to solve the last-mile delivery dilemma and to address labour cost and shortage, YouShip is focused on the use of small autonomous robots not only for last-mile delivery but also in logistics operations and concierge services.

We are awarded

YouShip is awarded by the Portuguese Innovation Agency (ANI), with the ID Seal, that certifies the competence to carry out R&D activities.
Honorable mention at the CTT e-commerce Awards in the Startup category – Innovation in Logistics, Delivery and Returns.